February 3, 2015

Today’s Cookbook Pick

Some of my friends have a neighborhood supper club. Once a month, each family (read: mom) makes and delivers enough dinner for all the families in the group. The result is most families (read: moms) get a night off from cooking most weeks out of a month while still enjoying a home-cooked meal. But it never really seemed all that…doable to me. I have a hard enough time making enough of each meal to satisfy my own horde of locusts (I mean that in the nicest of ways). How am I going to make enough for many hordes?

Well, the authors of The Soup Club Cookbook never say it’s going to be easy, exactly, but they do make it seem absolutely doable. These four friends started their own supper club, but with soup. Once a month, each member cooks a huge vat of Red Lentil Curry or Faux Ramen or Egg Drop Soup or many, many other options (along with any attendant toppings and sides) and delivers it to the other three group members. The rest of the month, they have one night a week to put their feet up and wait for a soup-y dinner to appear at their doors. (I made up that part about putting their feet up. I don’t know any working moms who almost ever put their feet up, much less once a week.)

The Soup Clubbers–Courtney, Tina, Caroline, and Julie–take reluctant joiners (like me) by the hand and walk them through every step of the Soup Club process: how to form one, how to stock the pantry, delivery details, cooking playlists, and loads of soup recipes. From basic broths to a plethora of pestos to tofu croutons, it’s all mapped out. Somehow, when it’s soup, it all seems manageable.

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