Smith Women Create – Soup!

March 30, 2015

Smith Alumnae Quarterly Spring 2015 Highlighted in the Smith Alumnae Quarterly Spring 2015 – One of the The Soup Club Cookbook authors (Courtney) graduated from Smith (’95). She learned a lot about Big Food To Share and Cooking in Quantity from her days living and cooking in Tenney House, an on campus house for vegetarians where students cooked all their own meals. After living at Tenney and seeing how food cooked by friends, for each other, on a reliable schedule, literally fueled her life at Smith, being in a Soup Club made perfect sense. Like cooking at Tenney, Soup Club cooks in volume making about 10 quarts of soup each week. Unlike Tenney, the Soup Club members don’t eat together as a group, instead we use cooking for each other (and a lot of text messaging) to stay connected. We’re also excited that our editor, Doris Cooper, is a Smith alumn (’92).