January 23, 2015

Soup Will Save the World

Interview conducted & originally posted by FoodiePleasure

Who doesn’t love soup, especially this time of year? Courtney Allison, Tina Carr, Caroline Laskow and Julie Peacock are four friends who want to help people not just make and enjoy soup, but use it to build community through shared meals in their new book, The Soup Club Cookbook. We reached out to them to learn about the inspiration behind the book as well as a few tips on what makes soup truly magical.

FP: We love the concept of a soup club! How did it come about?

SC: Believe it or not, Soup Club started with granola, which (like soup) you always make in large, share-able batches…and the onset of soup weather, and a simple conversation. We didn’t invent the idea of food-sharing but we use soup club as a way to formalize what began as a spontaneous way to give away the extras from especially exuberant cooking. We have stuck with it and worked out kinks and come to depend on it and love it. What we’re doing now is spreading the word and sharing the fabulousness of food-sharing. And we’re still doing our soup club, of course!

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