We grew up in other places and settled in New York City. We are an educator, an ecologist, a filmmaker, a nutritionist, a yogi, a traveler, a feminist, a mother, a runner, a Dane, a Jew, a Yankee, a Christian, a vegetarian, a gardener, and a coffee drinker.

We make sure each other’s glasses are filled with seltzer or wine, as the case may be. We pick up, hang on to, feed, and hug each other’s kids with abandon. We try to be honest and kind and sometimes succeed at doing both.

We are four friends who cook and we are Soup Club.

Caroline grew up in Chicago. In addition to soup, she makes documentaries, coffee and tea.

Courtney is from Philadelphia, works in education, and loves good wine and mediocre TV.

Julie is from Indiana and works as a yoga teacher and nutritionist. She’s happiest when standing on her head and sharing good food, although not necessarily at the same time.

Tina is from Los Angeles. She loves public transportation and soup on snowy days, so she settled in a great city that gets all kinds of weather.