Music to Cook to: Cooking alone

By Courtney

Second to singing in the shower is the under-celebrated joy of singing in the kitchen. There are so many beats, rhythmns and sounds in a kitchen, it’s impossible to not want to create a musical medley of your own. There is something satisfying about chopping or grating to the beat or adding a heap of ingredients to a sizzling hot pan at just the perfect crescendo. Cooking sounds as good as it smells and tastes!

Cooking in quantity for Soup Club means you’re prepping a lot of ingredients. It means you’ll spend long hours in the kitchen and can have the rare pleasure of listening to an album all the way through, the way I like to imagine the artist intended. While my family helps out in the kitchen some soup nights, every once in awhile I enjoy the solitude of cooking alone.

Most days I find myself returning to the music of the late 90’s when I’m cooking solo, but at times, only a classic will do. In those moments, I turn to Bonnie Raitt’s eponymous album. What’d you say, Bonnie Raitt? Are you kidding? No, I am not kidding! This one is from her whiskey swilling early days. It is long before her “Something to Talk About” and features her stellar guitar work. I let the bluesy piano to fill my house and enjoy the time by myself, doing what I love best–cooking. I have to admit, Bonnie Rait is solid music to cook to (as well as to feel things to).

Listen to our Bonnie Rait inspired playlist while prepping for Coconut Carrot Soup (pg. 75) or whatever you choose. Let us know what songs inspire you when cooking below in the comments below!