We all must eat

By Tina

It’s been less than a week since our book has hit the shelves, but reviews are already coming in! My college friend, Maya Kóvskaya, shares her reaction to the Soup Club Cookbook.

“The Soup Club Cookbook is far more than a book of recipes. It’s a cultural manifesto of the quotidian power of sharing resources, and in that way it is deeply political in the most affirming respect, because it’s a situated real life micro-strategy of how to live together differently. Although many of us may feel overwhelmed at the juggernaut of problems we face in the world today, we all must eat. And how we eat is one of the most basic existential questions that shape our daily lives. Think of the cultural differences in the many ways the we humans eat, alone and together — big, individual plates, or common, family-style, shared dishes? Do we eat fast or slow? Industrial/factory/mass distributed frankenfood, or ethically, locally raised, fed and distributed real food? If we can partake in strategies of consumption that allow us to pool our labor, our time, our resources, then even if we cannot compete with the unreal bottom lines of gargantuan economies of scale, we can nevertheless save time, money, and still sustain ourselves and our families. Never underestimate the power of the small, situated solutions to practical everyday problems as a microcosm of living differently in a big way. Whose hungry for some shared soup? Thinking of the taste of Tina’s delicious split pea soup from our days as college housemates, I know I am. Nearby friends in Delhi and Beijing, who wants to embark on a soup club with me? Friends far and wide, consider this humble guide to starting soup clubs of your own.”

Thank you for the kind words, Maya! Pick up your copy of the Soup Club Cookbook today.