Dinner, quick. Part 1

By Caroline

Need to throw together something delicious for dinner, and quick? We got you covered.


You can’t go wrong with this one. In my home, BFD usually means eggs, sunny side up (yolks still runny), toast and maybe bacon or sausage, if it’s already in the fridge. Carrot sticks while it comes together. I am also a proponent of the cereal dinner, especially if it’s a good granola or oatmeal, with sliced apples or pears.

Things on Toast

Which we’ll call T&T. This is not as entirely carefree as breakfast as dinner, as you have to start with a loaf of kick-ass bread. A miche, levain (both fancy sourdoughs), a true baguette or dark, bitter pumpernickel. Once you start with great bread, it almost doesn’t matter what else you do!

This is a meal that could involve no cooking at all, all store-bought ingredients, and still come across respectably. It can also elevate those tiny bits of leftovers that you are determined to use. Make the bread into canapé-esque slices, then top them yourself or make it a DIY dinner & create a faux-mezze platter of…

  • Delicious cheese, preferably of a creamy nature like goat or gorgonzola
  • Awesome tomatoes (if the season’s right, this is unbeatable)
  • Mashed up white beans (sautéed with garlic & red pepper flakes if you’re feeling it)
  • Sardines
  • Leftover meat, perhaps spackled together with mustard, or sriracha & mayo
  • Roasted vegetables (especially cauliflower, squash & eggplant)
  • Wilted greens
  • Leafy, dressed greens
  • Oil-packed anchovies, turned out onto a plate (with the oil!)

You could end it there, or put all the slices on a baking sheet and run them under the broiler for 2-5 minutes.

Soup is a Sauce (a Soup Truth)

Occasionally, you might have leftover soup, not really enough for lunch or dinner, but you can’t bear to toss it. So make some kind of carb and go forth boldly, marrying the two.

A few favorite Soup Club combos:

  • Tomato-Fennel-Chickpea and Pasta Shells
  • Moroccan Vegetable and Couscous
  • Carrot-Coconut and Basmati Rice
  • Chicken Chili and Polenta

Do be considerate and invite your other leftovers to the dinner party: protein (in the form of tofu croutons, cooked beans, chopped up chicken/ham/sausage); dairy (parmesan always, but how about that nub of old Manchego? Or welcome, Crème Fraiche, my old friend); and roasted vegetables.

What #QuickDinner did you make this week?