For the love of Sunchokes

By Julie

When I first moved to New York, I discovered a farm-to-table restaurant out of Chelsea Market that had the most delicious roasted seasonal vegetables always on the menu. Because it was autumn, the vegetable medley always seemed to include sunchokes, and I just couldn’t seem to get enough of them.

I began picking them up at the farmers market when in season and including them into my starchy root vegetable rotation a little more often. That was over 10 years ago, but I still think of sunchokes as being kind of special. So when I walked over to the CSA the other day, I was happy to find that we were receiving sunchokes in the share that week. I think that was a first.

I have a recipe in the Soup Club Cookbook that is a simple pureed sunchoke soup, and if you have never made one, I definitely recommend trying it and being open to something new!  These beautiful root vegetables are also quite delicious roasted, especially when mixed in a medley of  sweet potatoes, eggplant and turnips. Just mix together with some olive oil and coarse salt and roast at 350 until soft. You can serve topped with a gremolata (any combination of herbs, garlic and citrus) or a pesto made with bitter greens.

Do you have other ways of enjoying sunchokes?  We would love to hear.  Please share below!