Winter Squash and Seasonality

By Tina

When certain vegetables come into season, their appearance and abundance are as noteworthy as their disappearance and absence when their season is over. This happens with berries, tomatoes, zucchini, apples… and winter squash. Gone, gone, gone, going…and boom! Winter squash is here.

I have a thing for winter squash – okay, call it an obsession. Elongated, wide, squat, narrow, twisted, crooked, elegant, smooth, bumpy, misshapen, contorted…they are all perfect and I line them up on my window sill (never above a radiator). When the beauty contest becomes obnoxious or the sill will accommodate no more, I start to roast, bake or sauté. This week I’m making Roasted Winter Squash Soup and Squash Bread.

What seasonal produce do you long for in their off seasons? Share in the comments below!